Exercise and Movement Classes

Watch the video above for a Parkinson-specific Tai Chi class*

Medication is only part of the treatment for people with Parkinson's disease; movement is life for people with this chronic disease. Participation in a Parkinson-specific exercise or movement class will help you remain independent.

Exercise and balance classes help improve mood, keep muscles strong and improve flexibility and mobility to reduce the risk of falls. Classes are offered in multiple locations every month, and each person participates at their own comfort level.

“When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I was really having trouble,” says Jerry Bramlett. “I was ready to give up until I started exercise class and learned about the disease and what to do.”

Exercise became a habit for Jerry, who attended classes twice a week. Now, he’s leading the classes. “I’m doing well now,” he says. “We work on balance and posture and try to move a little bit and stretch. It’s very important to move. My balance has improved a lot.”

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Special Thanks

Parkinson's swimming and movement classes at the Cape Coral Wellness Center are available at no charge thanks to the generous support of The Bill Thompson Family.

Tai Chi classes are made possible through a partnership with the Area Agency on Aging.